Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yarn Patterns

Bergere de France Publishes patterns throughout the year. These patterns are all amazing for their unique style and contruction. They are often hard to find as many yarn stores do not carry the line.
I have a couple of copies of the 09-10 catalogue of fibers which includes many glorious patterns. Bergere only included patterns in their "catalogues" for two years so these are rather rare. I wish they would go back to this format. It makes it easy to find a pattern and the associated yarn and color selection. It's a convenient and efficient format any knitter should appreciate.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sit N Knit gets "bombed" "yarn bombed"- that is

Barbara and Richard Fabian outside the shop by the poll that got "yarn bombed". Sit-n-Knit is located 55 Wintonbury Mall in Bloomfield, CT 06002 phone 860-232-YARN.

A very fulfilling yarn shop with helpful staff, loads or yarn, up to date goings on - when you visit sit N Knit you realize that others share your passion and your passion for knitting grows. Barbara and her staff are very "plugged in" to what is going on in the industry. I always learn new things whenever I visit! I know you will.

I was familiar with "yarn Bombing" and had seen many instances on the web but this was a great treat to see one at one of my local yarn stores. You can find out more about yarn bombing by googling and on Wikipedia - now that gives it validity! I also have a great link to a trailer that tickles me from Marfa Texas

Be Sweet yarn in the yarn bombing!

Many yarns are represented on the pole that are featured in the shop. Be Sweet mohair and the "magic ball" are seen in this close-up.

Other yarns that can be found at Sit-n-knit are pictured below.

These pictures feature the Bergere de France ORIGIN Alpaca fiber beautifully knit in two of Bergere's exquisite patterns. The pattern on the right was featured in Vogue Magazine

Barbara is also a big fan of the Blue Heron Yarns and features the Rayon Metallic throughout the store.

Hiya Hiya needles can be found here too.

You will also find fibers and yarns from Frabjous Fibers, Louet, and Jojoland at Sit-N-Knit. Be sure to put this as a destination yarn store for your travels.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Metaphor yarn in Shelburne Falls, MA

Meta Nesbitt is the proprietor of Metaphor yarns located on Route 2 West of 91 in Shelburne, MA. (623 Mohawk Trail,; Shelburne, MA 01370; 413-625-9191 or 888-876-9191; This is a great destination on a yarn crawl at any time of year, but Summer and Fall are the BEST as it is located on the Mohawk Trail and just a skip from the Bridge of Flowers in Shelbmurne Village. Shelburne is surrounded by hill farms with sheep, goats, alpaca and llamas. Spinners, dyers, knitters, felters and crocheters also populate the area, many of renown! Fiber is a large part of the landscape.

Metaphor shares a building with a Quilting store which is a wonderful compliment of supplies and hobbies. These are separate stores but they also share an incredible work space for classes. This is a great combination here.

Now, let's focus on what Meta has put together. This is her third shop in as many years and this one is gorgeous and spacious. Walking in the front door, you could be in a New York Boutique, not a yarn store in Western MA.

The simple, crisp elegance is welcoming and inspiring. The front table introduces the next event to come to Metaphore. On my visit she is looking forward to showcasing glamorous pieces from shops all over the country. She was featuring the Luxury Yarn - One Skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant. On here table she features the Baby bunny crocheted cap designed by Renee Barnes done here in Baby Ull (Dale of Norway).

As one wanders back through the store you will find three more rooms full of yarns and supplies. One has a living room setting and the OTTLITES help customers work without eye strain and note true colors for their fibers. Here you can see my friend Claudia taking advantage of the situation!

In another room O-Wool' Balance and Classic yarns (Organic wool and organically dyed from the Vermont Organic Fiber Company) Graces one wall. This 9 square baby blanket has been a very popular item for knitters to create a sampler as well as a beautiful, organically grown and dyed article in the wool/cotton fiber called BALANCE. A truly thoughtful Baby gift.

Meta is a big fan of the Louet company and well she should be. She carries Mooi, a fabulous high end fiber in gorgeous colors. Here she has begun to knit a patterned scarf with Mooi. Note the halo of bison hair that gives it an amazing glow. The Bamboo and Cashmere blended with the bison give and incredibly delicious fiber combination that feel wonderful in the hand.

Classes and conversations have lead many Metaphor customers to appreciate the Euroflax linen from Louet. This fiber is both machine washable and machine dryable. It gets softer over time and washing. It is one of the original GREEN fibers before GREEN was in. Used for Face clothes, as pictured here, they make great gifts for girl friends as the fiber is a bit of a loofah affect - I like to package mine with a wonderfully creamie soap. Look at the variety of colors you can choose from - and a single skein will make TWO face clothes. Start the Christmas projects early!

Also, check out these crocheted hot pads, plant pads, doilies - whatever. I have personally started crocheting some of these finding that they make excellent doilies to put under plants to protect wooden furniture. And I am finding the crocheting very relaxing!


Gems merino - in beautiful solid colors is a great choice for the discerning knitter and Meta shows it here used for socks, for which it has been used successfully for years. Even though it has no nylon the tight twist offers it good strength. If, in fact, you require a stronger option you should try the MERLIN from LOUET which is a blend of the gems and the linen - the linen giving it all the strength and more than what the nylon would do

JOJOLAND Melody superwash is available at Metaphore - and the spiral scarf, socks, scarves... whatever is your pleasure can be made out of this wonderful, long color variations, sock weight yarn.


Finally - another great find at Metaphor is the new HIYA HIYA needles. These Circulars and double points come in bamboo or steel in a wide range of sizes including 9 inch circulars. The price and the product will turn you into a believer. Make sure you take a close look.

The Bridge of Flowers in downtown Shelburne is NOT to be missed. This old Trolley bridge was converted into a garden walkway in 1929. Below I will share a few shot of my visit. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Knitting Experience - Knitted Knockers

Chesley Flotten and the Knitting Experience 14 Middle Street in Brunswick, Maine have been involved in a unique charity knit program called "knitted Knockers". You can read all about it at her website. Born out of personal experience and the realization of a specific need, Chesley's program has provides soft, comfortable, and FREE prosthetic breasts to breast cancer survivors.

Louet Company is promoting the use of SOAK to maintain the beauty and comfort of these prosthetic breasts. The Knitting Experience sends a sample of SOAK directly to each survivor who requests a knitted knocker. They are also takng SOAK samples to the local breast health centers along with every delivery of knitted knockers. SOAK . SOAK and Louet are proud to supprt Chesley and her staff, knitters and neighbors in this Knitted Knockers program.

Chesley's story is a sensative story of womens support and understanding. Born from personal experience, Chesley has led the way for many women to give and recieve inexpensive, comfortable prosthetic breasts. Teaming up with Soak has allowed them to maintain the quality of these breasts without causing irritation to the skin for those who wear them.

Soak is sold only in fine knitting stores or lingere stores.

The Knitting Experience is a charming knitting store and CAFE offering the latest yarns, a warm cozy environment and specialty teas, coffees and treats. The inviting atmosphere offers cozy seating to work on your projects and receive help and advice from friendly staff as well as visitors. In my visits to this shop I have found it hopping with customers and conversation that supports the knitting, spinning and dying community. Spunky eclectic yarns are also sold here discerning buyers. Be sure to experience The Knitting Experience if you are ever traveling in the Brunswick, Maine area. Truly a fine destination yarn store.

Here's Chesley modeling the Swirl Shawl from JoJoLand - also available at this fine store.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Extreme Sheep and Wool

May is a big month for Sheep and wool festivals throughout New England. Maryland Sheep and Wool the first weekend in May kicks it off, and although this is outside of my New England “territory” many customers and shop owners migrated to this event. Add to that the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival on Mother’s Day weekend, The Jamailca Village Fiber Festival in Vermont, and The Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcrafts in Cummington, Ma. On the 23rd and 24th. There are a lot of woolie fun things to do. Opportunities to vertically integrate ones knowledge of the wool and fiber industry. Between that and gardening, many have looked away from their knitting – the sticks may be quiet but the fascination with fiber and yarn continues.

For all you fiber folks who are becoming enamoured with the cute little shabby sheep that are a source for our knitting pleasure, here’s a video I happened upon. I hope you will enjoy it. This is a 2.45 minute clip of extreme sheep herding byIthe “Baaa Studs” If you haven’t seen this. No fleece fakery…well not much. Stay for the pong game. Don’t miss the fire works. Pick up your knitting and watch it again! or search for "extreme sheep" in youtube

I welcome your comments.

Stay tuned for another LYS store story.

thanks for taking the time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are knitters also Gardeners?

This one surely is. Marion Hobart has been knitting all her life, following in the footsteps of a mother who was never without her needles. Mariam and her husband have lived her for 20 years, and perfected the flower gardens with donations of perenials from friends across New England. The Yarn shop was born 6 years ago, the culmination of a life long dream. LLamas also grace this property. This picturesque site is a welcoming destination at the intersection of Rt 28 and 495 in Middleboro, MA. Come to knit and admire.

The Shop is behind the house and just as pristine as the rest of the place. It's a small, well organized and cozy shop where women meet to knit, share, learn, support and develop long friendships. Every Thursday night she has a sit and knit night open to the public. Feel free to join.

Marion has always loved the Dale yarns and patterns - standards for any well respected yarn shop. She will be scheduling a baby sweater class soon for all the new mothers and grandmothers. Baby sweaters are fun and fast to knit. Even if you don't have a baby to knit for today, baby things are always fun to knit and can be added to you gift stash/cache ready for the next baby to come along.

You won't find a prettier setting for a yarn store or a more personnal store for a feeling of friendship and connections.

Mariam can be reached at Add this stop to your yarn crawl to enrich your appreciation for the variety of local yarn shop experiences. She can also be found on Ravelry as THREELLAMAS

Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspire 2 Knit in Plymouth, NH

Happy One Year Anniversay! Inspire 2 Knit and Tea is growing strong after only one year. Attracting locals and visitors, this store presents quality fibers for the discerning buyer. It is the place to be in Plymouth NH to gather with knitters and fiber folks. Sharing inspiration and respect for fibers, Ursula's store is a riot of color, fibers and inspiration. It can be found at 12 Yeaton Road, B5, Plymouth, NH 03264 - 603-536-KNIT (5648). Visit her website at

The shop is welcoming a new customer coming in for the first time as well as those who are familiar with the setting. Fibers are easy to find and suggested usages abound in models throughout the store.

Quality yarns and incredible patterns exemplify the Bergere de France line of fibers and is a great fit for Inspire 2 knit and tea. Bergere de France is a French fiber company that has been in business over 50 years in France. Like Inspire 2 Knit, it is a newcomer on the fiber scene in the USA. It's patterns and fibers have achieved great recognition and acceptance in French and throughout Europe. A natural next move was to introduct them to the States.

Ursula chose to introduce The Bergerine fiber, a cotton wool blend, perfect for the cool summer evenings in New England. The Bergerine pattern below is an incredibly beautiful and unique sweater that was created by the clever designers of Bergere.This sweater flatters many body shapes and sizes and gets positive comments wherever it is worn. It isn't for the beginner as it uses short rows to make the gracefully curved cable, but is well worth the effort.

The fiber is so wonderful to work with, another customer created her own design from the Bergerine, giving great credance to the adaptability of this fiber. Again - this cardigan is perfect for a cool summer evening.

Ursula, the owner herself, is showing off this creation. Make sure you get a chance to visit with her when you go to the store. Below is a detail of the pattern.

This is truly a versatile fiber whose advantages can be seen at Inspire 2 knit and tea. The soft color pallet is flattering to all complexions.

Classes and individualized assistance are ongoing at Inspire 2 Knit. Add this to you travels for a great New England Yarn Crawl. And don't miss the great views of the surrounding mountains - maybe even go for a picnic hike. Take your knitting for an excuse to rest!

Happy trails.