Monday, October 11, 2010

Sit N Knit gets "bombed" "yarn bombed"- that is

Barbara and Richard Fabian outside the shop by the poll that got "yarn bombed". Sit-n-Knit is located 55 Wintonbury Mall in Bloomfield, CT 06002 phone 860-232-YARN.

A very fulfilling yarn shop with helpful staff, loads or yarn, up to date goings on - when you visit sit N Knit you realize that others share your passion and your passion for knitting grows. Barbara and her staff are very "plugged in" to what is going on in the industry. I always learn new things whenever I visit! I know you will.

I was familiar with "yarn Bombing" and had seen many instances on the web but this was a great treat to see one at one of my local yarn stores. You can find out more about yarn bombing by googling and on Wikipedia - now that gives it validity! I also have a great link to a trailer that tickles me from Marfa Texas

Be Sweet yarn in the yarn bombing!

Many yarns are represented on the pole that are featured in the shop. Be Sweet mohair and the "magic ball" are seen in this close-up.

Other yarns that can be found at Sit-n-knit are pictured below.

These pictures feature the Bergere de France ORIGIN Alpaca fiber beautifully knit in two of Bergere's exquisite patterns. The pattern on the right was featured in Vogue Magazine

Barbara is also a big fan of the Blue Heron Yarns and features the Rayon Metallic throughout the store.

Hiya Hiya needles can be found here too.

You will also find fibers and yarns from Frabjous Fibers, Louet, and Jojoland at Sit-N-Knit. Be sure to put this as a destination yarn store for your travels.


  1. Any idea of who bombed the store? I have a crew that bombs around Hartford, but I didn't know there was anyone else active in the community.

  2. No clue but I really want to bobm at the textile dept at URI. They would love it!

  3. Great blog! I am actually looking for a yarn rep for my new yarn company- Good For Ewe yarn. I'd love to chat with you!